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In 2005 two very successful and established Specialist Orthodontists decided to create an education and training centre whose aim was to develop the dental team.

These two innovative individuals knew that dental nurse registration was approaching and felt strongly that patient care needed to delivered by the whole team, not just dentists and orthodontists. Richard Cure and Liz Hopkins were both leading successful Specialist Orthodontic practices and were already involved in educating dental nurses and dentists.

In 2009 Orthodontic Team Training was born. Initially, Orthodontic Team Training (OTT) delivered courses, which prepared students for NEBDN, BDA and ILM qualifications. In 2013 Richard and Liz decided they wanted the freedom to design and build qualifications that are innovative and contemporary, which expand the style of assessments available to widen the learners choices and, most importantly, realise the potential of learners, their teams and their practices and in turn enhance the profession. From this Dental Team Qualifications (DTQ) was born, a new and innovative awarding body, specialising in the development of qualified dental nurses, preparing them to meet the demands of contemporary practice