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Orthodontic Therapy

Q: When can I apply for Orthodontic Therapy?

A: Once you have an agreement with a Specialist Orthodontist who is prepared to train you, and supervise you.


Q: Do I need any qualifications (other than my dental nurse / hygienist / therapist one) in order to apply for Orthodontic Therapy?

A: It is preferable that you have an orthodontic nurse qualification. Qualifications such as radiography and impression taking are
also useful.


Q: I don’t work in an Orthodontic Practice, can I train?

A: You need to have a Specialist Orthodontist to train you and supervise you, and you need to be working a minimum of 21-hours
(clinically) in an Orthodontic practice.


Q: Can you find me a trainer, or be my trainer?

A: No. We can advise regular trainers of your interest, but most trainers choose to train an individual with whom they have
developed a working relationship with, something that it is preferable in our experience.


Q: How do I apply?

A: Contact the course coordinator at Warwick Medical School. For more information click here